Monday, June 3, 2013


We tend to think superpowers are, well, super.  A few comic books and movies have explored the downside of being super, but largely, we talk about having super strength or the ability to fly as positives.  If looked at the superpowers we actually find in the world around us, I don't think superheroes would be so venerated.

Among the superpowers I have witnessed, a few really stand out as exceptional.  We've all met someone who has the special ability to open their mouth and say the wrong thing, at the wrong time in every situation.  There's also those special folks who do the impossible and then get told that their efforts weren't enough, and of course, there is me: I have the awesome ability to piss people off.

My superpower is useful, from time to time, but it's frustrating.  I tell the truth, speak my mind or point out the obvious and I become a super villian (If Heather would let me wear a cape- watch The Incredibles for reference- mine would read SB for Super Bitch. It would also be black with shiny, glittery pink letters. I could accessorize with tall boots and my tiara.).  There is no effort needed on my part, in fact, I typically try to reign in this ability, but being a superpower, its strength sometimes outmatches my willpower and ability to control it.

What superpowers do you most loathe to deal with?  Is the Drama Queen's ability to turn every event into a drawn out production involving tears, threats or gushing?  How about the Big Mouth with the Big Voice?  Or do you despair of dealing with the Amnesiac who forgets what really happened and rewrites history to suit their point of view at the moment?
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