Thursday, June 13, 2013


Seals warming themselves
I wasn't drawn to seals until I dreamed about the destruction of a group of Seal People, or Selkies (You can read about that here), but ever since, I'm rather fascinated. The image of their eyes keeps coming back to mind at the oddest times.  I don't know much about their biology or their habits.  I only know a few myths and legends about them (all Celtic), but I keep seeing them.  I've seen them poke their heads out of the water at beaches.  I've spotted them on rocks, but no one else seems to notice them until I point them out. These were spotted close to the cliff face at Pigeon Point and aiming my camera nearly straight down.  I didn't see them at first, but then, the image of them on the rocks seemed to materialize as I watched the waves. My husband and kids, smiled and wandered off to get out of the wind, but I had to stay and watch.

Five seals

While visiting the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, I spotted some harbor seals laying on the rocks below.  They are, according to the docent, frequently there ("When we blow the old foghorn it scares the devils right off the rocks like big sausages!").  I was standing in the wind, on cliff, taking pictures of them, when one of them, laying alone on a rock near a larger group, raised her head and looked at me.  I snapped a few more pictures, and lowered the camera.  She lifted her head and looked back at me again.  I was alone on that little walk way. People were shying away from me, which was handy.  The wind was whipping the shore, and between the tourists, the wind and the roar of the waves, I couldn't hear much. Up on the cliff, it was chilly, and I can' image what the water temperature must have been, especially with such a rough surf. A few minutes later, I walked around the visitor center and began snapping another series of pictures of the seals from a new angle.  She lifted her and head and looked at me again.  There were people on the other side of the building, where I had been, and they were making a lot of noise, but she wasn't looking at them, she was watching me.  So, I said hello and asked if I could get a good picture of her to share.  She obliged by lifting her head and holding still, which is why I have such a nice shot her face.  I talk to critters all the time. I talk to trees and plants and bees and spiders, so talking to a seal isn't that weird for me.  She listened and watched for a while, as though she could hear me, and then she lay back down.  I had a feeling that I've been dismissed.
s she a messenger or an omen?  I don't know, and I'm having some difficulty in finding information about what seals have meant as symbols.Whatever the case,  she is a beauty, and not many people ever get a good look at these creatures in the flesh.  In the water, they are graceful and quick; on land, they struggle.  They are sea creatures that need the land, and that seems important, though I haven't worked out exactly why I should be so interested in this.

Isn't she a sweetheart?

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