Monday, June 10, 2013


Summer vacation has begun.  Today marks the first Monday of the summer break, and my five year old isn't sure about what to do with himself.  He's also missing his teacher.  This is a bit strange since he was so eager for school to end, but this morning, he needed a hug and some quiet time to deal with his unexpected sadness.  Lucky for us, his teacher, who has taught kindergarten for over 20 years, sent home pictures of her with each child.  Aiden pulled his out of his backpack and set it up in front of the tv.

Little reminders can be comforting as we face new challenges and try to adjust to changing circumstances.  Children understand this coping mechanism very well. A blankie from home, a stuffed animal, something that smells like mom or dad can help them cope with terribly stressful situations. As adults, we often forget how much little things like this can ease our stress.  A picture of a loved one, some familiar scent, or a small trinket can all be great subtle reminders of the love we have in our lives.  Next time you are dealing with a stressful situation, take a moment to remind yourself that you are loved and remembered by someone, it can make all the difference in stress management,

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