Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The full moon this month is the perigee moon. It is the point at which the moon will be as close to the Earth as it will be for the year (thought this one also means it is closer than in will be for a while).  Full moons are always good times for reflecting on completeness, fullness, and the leak of cycles.  This one will also be a great time to focus on what you most want.  Any good magic begins with clear thoughts about what you want the outcome to be (though, you might refrain from limiting that outcome to one preconceived path to completion to be open to the infinite number of paths between to points).

Get out your pens and paper. Start brainstorming about what you want, or need, and think about how that idea fits your current life.  Now boil your idea down to its essential parts.  Do you want love or prosperity or peace?  Focus on that, and why you want it?  Does it still sound like a good idea?  Do you still yearn for it?  Does some other thought creep into your head while do this?  If so, you might need to start brain storming over. If not, plan your magic.  Think about what symbols fit your goal.  Think about what symbols represent you.  How will you turn ideas into action?  Will you write out your desires and burn the page to release that energy into the Universe?  Dance under the full moon?  Should you leave an offering or perform a ritual?  Find the magic that speaks to your heart, that makes you fell powerful, and then, plan to do this on the 23rd.

True magic is the internalization of change. By transforming ideas into more tangible symbols and manipulating those symbols, we are creating the future.  Full moons are dramatic symbols of completion of cycles, of change.  Harness this month's perigee full moon to create future you want.

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