Thursday, May 2, 2013

They're out to get me

This week hasn't been much fun.  I'm getting a bit paranoid (The Universe is out to get me!), and worse, I'm think I should be wearing a warning sign: Cursed, Stay Back!

Monday began with a sore throat and the exceptional fun of this being STAR testing at school.  No rest for me. Tuesday, I was supposed to be networking at a PTA luncheon, but as I walked across the street from my car to the restaurant  I got a call.  It was the secretary at the boys' school.  Gav had fallen and hurt himself, and after ice, rest, and time, he was still in pain.  A quick phone conference with my husband and I was driving back to school.  Then I spent some time in the Emergency Room to find out the kid had bruised his butt and was getting a cold.  Then, I got lost driving to a meeting that evening. Wednesday  was full of car problems.  One car failed to proceed (British car talk for didn't go), and the other failed to start.  Getting the kids to school required borrowing a car, and then being rescued by husband who jump started one car and had me follow him to work where he replaced the battery (as he's a technician- these car problems were hilarious to his boss and co-worker). Thursday had me in another set of meetings for hours. Then, returning to school to take one kid a change of clothes. Tomorrow is my normal volunteer day and I'm praying to all the gods, especially the Trickster gods, that I can have some peace.

The upside of all these mishaps is that I'm full of adrenaline.  I've got tons done, because I'm too anxious to sit still.  I folded four loads of laundry today and put them away (an occurrence that happens approximately three times a year).  If you need me, I'll be reading up on curse breaking, hiding in bomb shelter, or rocking in the corner.

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