Monday, May 20, 2013

The nephews

Last week, my youngest brother found out that his yet to be born baby is going to be a son.  In October  we will welcome another little boy into our lives.  A couple of days later, still giddy from the news of the little guy, we had some bad news about another of my nephews: after a fall at school, a scary trip to the hospital and some tests, a defect in his brain stem was found.  He'll be having surgery in a couple of weeks to remove spinal fluid from his brain stem. Two little boys,  the of my brothers, and such divergent emotions.

It's funny how in the space of a short period of time, we can face such different events and emotions.  I guess it's all part of life's roller coaster.  All I can hope, is that this all balances out, and soon. I'm a little tired of getting dizzy and tired of going around in circles.

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