Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seven days to go

There are seven school days left, counting this one.  Just seven.  I'm a little excited, and I'm a lot apprehensive.  This means the kids will be around 24/7 for weeks on end.  This also means I can go from driving 14 miles per day to driving 14 miles a week, which is awesome for my wallet, my sanity,  and the environment. Of course, there are still dozens of school related things that I will be doing.  Being the PTA pres means, no rest for the wicked, weary, or slightly insane.  I've got budgets to create, volunteers to find, and grants to look for.

Hopefully, summer also means more time spent doing some crafts, writing (have you missed me?), and sleep. I may even get a few things organized since I won't have to leave the house every 2.5 hours. Summer means that it's okay if I'm not running perfectly on time.  It's also nice to be able to just drift through a  day without a grand master plan and a mile long To Do list.

Whatever your summer plans are, I hope you are looking forward to some sunshine, some rest, and slow down on the pace of your life.

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