Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grown up?

I am weird about being a grown-up.  I often find that it's a little weird that I am purported to be a grown up. To illustrate my uneasy relationship with grown-upness (in contrast to being a legal adult, which I had no say in. We all reach that milestone at the same age, regardless of our ability to grasp the concept or take care of ourselves.), I once considered the true sign of being a grown-up the ability to eat ice cream for breakfast.  Now, I think being a grown-up means that I do a lot of things that I don't want to do because they are the right and proper thing.  These would be things like paying bills, attending PTA meetings, setting a good example for kids, and censoring most of what is going through my mind before it reaches my mouth.  I've come to understand that being a grown-up is not fun.

Everybody has their own definition of grown-up, and we all use different rulers to measure whether or not we've reached it.  Some of these measures are serious, like taking care of aging or dying parents, raising children to be responsible citizens of the world, or having to depend on ourselves for day to day subsistence.  Other measures are more interesting.  Are we grown-ups when we reach a certain milestone (like your first age related injury), is having matching furniture (as Dave Barry once posited), or is it creating and re-enacting tradition year after year?

I don't have any answers fro you, or for myself, but I sometimes wake up and wonder how I ended up here, disguised as responsible grown-up, but still feeling very young inside.  I wonder if there is a point at which I will have to claim my grown-upness, or can I ignore it for the rest of my life?  In any event, according to Nicole Richie's measuring stick, I still haven't become a grown-up.  (Check this out for a laugh: Candidly Nicole- which I normally wouldn't watch, but I was interested in the interpretation of flowers, but got a laugh instead). When did you grow up? Have you arrived? Are you fighting it?  Ignoring it?

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