Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fairy Tale Binge

Last week, I went on fairy tale binge.  I love fairy tale re-tellings and cover music (this explains why there is 6 different versions of "Dancing in the Dark" on my Youtube favorites playlist and three versions of "Wonderwall" on my mp3 player).  Fairy tales are part of who we are.  They shift and morph over time. The original didactic message of the tale may be different for modern audiences than for past listeners, but the nature of the story remains full of powerful imagery that doesn't allow us to discard these tales as pure fantasy.

Fairy tales survive because they are continually reinvented and re-shared from generation to generation.  Cinderella" has be re-imagined in many cultures since ancient China. it's one of the most filmed stories of all time. The more we can read into a fairy tale, the more we can use it illustrate some idea that we hold dear, the more power the tale gains.

I binge on fairy tales from time to time.  Last year, I was searching out different versions of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses"; a year before that, I was interested in "Cinderella".  Lately, I've been fascinated by "Snow White" and "The Beauty and the Beast".  Society, it seems also cycles through periods of being fascinated with one tale or another before shifting to a different one.  "Snow White" was in the theaters last year.  A few years before, "Cinderella" was retold in several ways before the collective consciousness fixated elsewhere.

What are your favorite fairy tales?  Can you see a parallel in your life with the story?  Does one message call out to you?  Has your favorite story changed over time?  When you are drawn to a fairy tale, can you hear a message for yourself?

In case you are interested, here are few of the fairy tales I've read in the last week or two:

"Poisoned" by Katherine Pine 
"Beastly" and "Bewitching" by Alex Flinn
"The Curse Girl" by Kate Avery Ellison
"A Beautiful Beast"and "Snow White" by Cindy C. Bennett
"Woodcutter" by Kate Danly
"Snow White","Beauty and the Beast", "Cinderella", and "Sleeping Beauty"  by Jenni James
"Snow White and Rose Red" by Patricia Wrede
"Princess of the Midnight Ball" by Jessica Day George

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