Saturday, May 4, 2013

Detoxing the internet

I spend a lot of time on the internet,  way more than I should.  Sometimes the time spent is constructive- I might learn something new,  or interact with someone far way who shows me something I never imagined.  I use the internet for research, for news, for communication. Other days,  the internet it's a toxic mess that creeps into my great and behind to suffocate me.  This week, the internet is a very unhealthy place for me.

From news of a dead two year old killed, accidentally, by her five year old brother to politicians who just don't care that they are making decisions that will kill people to a nasty level of racism running in all directions, I'm feeling sick.

I think it's time to detox.  Just like when our bodies get sick from chemicals and pollutants and require a nasty deep cleaning, sometimes our hearts and souls do too.  For me, it means stepping away from the social media sites.  Facebook, in particular, has an energy that makes me sad and angry and nauseous.  I don't need to see someone call me racist just because I'm white (I get that far more frequently than I like to admit, from people who claim to hate racism).  I don't need to be told I'm going to hell because I don't believe in their god (especially when all I did was log in to my account).  I don't want to be attacked for my political beliefs, my sexual preferences, or my socio-economic status (all of which have happened this week, directly and indirectly). I need a break from the terrible news from around the world.  My heart hurts to hear about workers in Bangladesh who were hurt or killed in factory making clothes for Westerners. I'm sad that oil companies and Monsanto are not only getting tax breaks for polluting the world, they have unprecedented power to silence the rest of us. I am exhausted by knowing that on the other side of the world, people are dying because my government sees them as acceptable collateral damage in a war against "terror". I'm tired of death and maiming and poverty and illnesses that could be prevented if it weren't for greed.

So, in an effort to clear out the energy that is eating away at me, I'm stepping away. I'll read a few books. I'll draw, paint, or craft.  I'll write, but only sign on to post here.  I'm going to play with my kids and focus on the this tiny corner of the world.  Maybe in a week or two, I will feel a little less dimmed by negativity and be able to come back, with reason, to the internet and take part in this global community, but for right now, I need a break.


  1. Aine O'BrienMay 5, 2013 at 3:54 AM

    Oh, I completely understand. I am very picky about where I travel online. I was reading the news online at work when it was slow, but that made me feel helpless and sad, angry and frustrated. Mostly I just blog, read blogs. I dropped FB too and find all of these places just money grabs, with people selling their whatevers, and the owners of the sites selling all our information. Greed is killing us and some days we just don't want to think about it. It's good sometimes to just be exactly where you are.

  2. I'm torn between wanting to know what goes on in the world and wanting to hide from it. I agree greed is a large part of the sticky negativity that I feel on the internet (most of the Pagan groups I've joined have devolved into ad spaces).

    Here's hpoing that some space lessens the negativity.

    Thanks for commenting, Aine.


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