Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brain exercise

My brain has been sluggish.  It's a little overwhelmed by tasks and details that need attention, and it's been deprived of sleep, quiet, and exercise.  I haven't been good to my poor brain, and it's starting show.  I lose my keys. I forget appointments if I don't program them into my phone. I left the oven on for hours the other day because I was too distracted to remember to turn it off.

Brains need exercise, but like any other part of your body, they can't be whipped into shape overnight.  They need a bit of stretching, some strength training, as well as endurance training.  They need variety and challenge, but not too much at once. They need encouragement and reward.  They need proper nutrition and rest.

I've started playing brain games again. I've picked up books that are informative and interesting, and most importantly, I'm trying to be realistic about how much strain my brain can handle. Rather than allowing stress to build up, I'm trying to write things down (or type them into my phone, as the case requires). I'm putting my foot down about being a human post-it note, and I'm making sleep a priority. Hopefully, my brain enjoys these changes and rewards me by helping keep this circus on the road.  I hope you all get a few minutes each day to exercise your brain.

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