Monday, April 29, 2013

Why can't my inner voice shut up?

We all have an internal voice that takes part in regular discussions about our lives; some of us, however, have really annoying ones.  Mine inner voice likes to ask random questions as I'm falling asleep. It interjects inappropriate commentary when I'm dealing with difficult situations, and it has awful, yet hilarious, ideas.

Most of the time, I can deal with my inner voice just fine, but every so often, it gets out of control.  Take last night for instance: it spent two hours worrying about Lost (yes the TV show).  I kept telling it that we could think about this later, and maybe even watch an episode, but the voice was insistent: it had to think about it right then.  Then it spent some time wondering why the genetic bone condition I have evolved.  It thinks there must be some purpose for it, since we know dinosaurs and extinct mammals had it too, but it couldn't think of any good reason for it.  Later, it thought about ghosts.  Then it remembered we supposed to make the kid look up the word "leak" in the dictionary.  That stretch of time from midnight to about 2 a.m. took an eternity.

You know your inner voice is obnoxious when it annoys you, but mine is ridiculous!  All the mind clearing exercises and attempts at meditation failed miserably, and right now, when that stupid voice would be useful to help me write, it's off taking a nap.  Do you have this problem?  What's your best tip for muffling your inner voice?

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  1. Hilarious because it's just a Universal truth! Thanks for sharing so personally.

    If you have a hard time sitting down to meditate by day, try practicing at night when you are lying in bed. Most likely you'll get a better night's sleep & develop some meditation muscles in the process.

    Each time a pesky thought shows up, I like to imagine myself putting it in a bubble & watching it float away. Of course, another usually pops right up to replace it, but I just repeat the process with that thought too... & the next & the next... Bubbles are quite cheerful. So- the more the merrier :0D


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