Thursday, April 11, 2013

Open the windows, let in the breeze

The weather here has taken turn for the warm.  As typically happens here, we swing out of chilly storm system and directly into very warm weather.  This blast of warm and dry means that I have been able to open the doors and windows and let in some air.

Letting in the air means it smells better, the temperature is better regulated from room to room (no central heating or air here), and I can hear the world.  It also changes the flow of energy through the apartment.  The old, stale energies are blown gently away or are remixed to make a new experience.  It inspires change and growth.

At the heart of spring cleaning is this energy exchange.  There is no way to destroy negative feeling energy, but by breaking it into manageable pieces, we can move it around, force it to leave our spaces, and replace it.  Rue at Rue and Hyssop has created a giveaway out of her spring cleaning.  Faye Dewell of Aradia's Cauldron has pledged to eliminate six bags of unused clutter before Beltane.  Me, I'm going to get those three bags of unused clothing donated before Beltane, and I'm going to finish moving the spices in my cupboard into match, neatly labeled jars.

If you are feeling stagnated, over burdened by your stuff, or just feel like making your corner of the word a little tidier, why not make it part of your spirituality?  Clear out the things that no longer serve your lifestyle.  Let go of old attachments. Stir up the energy of your home or garden. Weed the garden. Rearrange the furniture.  Let your spring cleaning be a reminder of the cleaning we often need to undergo within ourselves.

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