Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Muddling through

Our current PTA president likes to start meetings off with introductions and and ice breaker question.  Last night she asked us to share our best tips for parenting or a funny parenting story.  As I listened, I felt a little lighter (which is saying something since I had a migraine).  Nobody has the answers.

Seventeen women of different ethnicities and economic statuses, with children ranging from infants to adults, all admitted that they have no answers as parents. Think about that.  Every single woman in that room had felt like a failure at some point. Each of them, was listening, hoping for some help.  Every single one of them admitted to being lost in motherhood.  Instead of focusing on the differences between us, we were all there because we care about our children s' education.  We all contribute what we can, while feeling that it isn't enough.  We all try to do what's best for our children, for the children of our school community.

last night was one of those rare moments when I realize that mothers every where, and the women who don't have children, but engage in the very real parenting of caring for other people's offspring, have amazing, tender hearts, that are in the right place, even if our actions, from time to time and place to place, aren't perfect.  We are all trying to build a better world, and we are all uncertain of who we are and what would be best, but we are trying.

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