Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Infinite chocolate

Seeing is believing  right?  Are you sure?  In this day and age, when special effects and easy to create digital imagery is a available, we have to be careful.  Of course, being human and having brains that decode especially well, we've always had to be careful about trusting our eyes.  Take a look at the .gif above.  It's fascinating, right.  How do they do that?

It's a trick.  You've been misdirected, and hence, your perception was altered.  There is a life lesson right there.  Be aware of being misdirected from what you should be paying attention to.  Reality depends on it.  We are easily redirected if we are fooled into seeing what isn't there.  We become tools for someone else's use if they can convince u s that our reality is wrong.

In case you don't see how this works, you can draw the chocolate bar on piece of paper and cut it to mirror the image. The answer becomes apparent very quickly. Yes, My husband and I  tried it because  we're  geeks.

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