Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day thoughts

It's Earth Day, and we have work to do. The planet is hurting because humans have no natural sense of balance.  We don't coexist with our environment, we change it to fit us.  The weather is wacky, because pollution has upset the natural carbon cycles, which warms the atmosphere and changes the weather.  In the last month, over thirteen oil spills have happened globally while the U.S. contemplates allowing a huge pipeline to carry tar sands to be built.  We are also seeing the beginning of an insect die off due to over use of pesticides.

It's time to start thinking in terms of planetary health rather than economics.  What each of us does individually is adding up to harm the whole world. It won't be long before we start feel the effects of that harm more directly.  We need to continue to reduce, reuse, and recycle goods.  We need to speak up and force companies and governments to adopt better policies in regards to the environment. We need to understand that clear cutting the Amazon influences the weather in New Jersey.  The entire nation should be afraid of what's happening here in California- most of the nation's food is grown here- but we have a water problem. On top of that, Governor Brown is considering fracking leases in areas that could pollute the very water supplies used for agriculture.

It is time to do better.  The survival of our species, as well as many others, depends on it.  We no longer have decades to wait.  Climate change is happening, and it's not pretty.

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