Monday, March 4, 2013

Whirlwind cleaning

I procrastinated this weekend.  I should have been cleaning house in preparation for my mom's Thursday arrival, but my husband and I sat around on our new outside furniture and drank until we were tipsy.  We enjoyed the sunshine which has not made an appearance today after a beautiful afternoon yesterday.  It was a great day.

Today, I'm looking around and trying not to panic.  I have half a mountain of laundry to fold, dishes to unload from the dishwasher, carpets to vacuum, and a bathroom in need of scrubbing.  I also have a PTA meeting tomorrow night.  I'm trying to work up some guilt over yesterday to fuel a cleaning spree, but I'm struggling.

My problem is that I am torn between expectations and being happy in the moment.  I'm trying to make space in my life for unplanned moments of happiness and joy. I'm also trying to avoid unnecessary stress by getting things done on time.  I can't decide which goal I've accomplished.

While I continue to contemplate, I think I'd better get back to cleaning up. Cheers!

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