Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The New Normal

Since my mom is here visiting, I haven't had time to write.  Heather, luckily for me, has offered up today's blog post. 

Heather and I are like day and night.  All the same features are there, but our inner lighting makes us seem very different.  We often joke that together, we would make one whole, perfect individual.  Where I am subtle, she is bold.  When she is loud, I am quiet (most of the time, until we get to cackling).  She is bright colors, and I am more muted.  Her blue eyes are light and clear.  Mine are dark. She is an extrovert, and I am an introvert. Somewhere in all those differences, though, we see eye to eye on many issues. Our journeys are entwined, and we serve as the mirrors that reflect ourselves in reality without the distortions that come from our own minds.  

When Heather talks, she sounds exactly like this.  Enjoy your little taste of my life, as I heard this story over the phone Saturday night and have already had my laugh over it.

I live in Southern California, Los Angeles, Burbank to be exact, the land of unrealistic expectations, physical and material.  Although I don’t believe I fall prey to this completely, I do live in this “reality” and I do have my weaknesses.  I drive a red convertible (it’s a 6 speed, that goes vroom) don’t have a boob job yet (I will but only when I’m done having kids since that’s the reason mine evaporated) I am blond (naturally but I accentuate this with additional highlights) two years ago I had my eyelashes dyed and got extensions for a friends wedding.  I loved them!  My eyelashes & eyebrows are thinning due to a medical issue.  I’m worried it might be spreading to the hair on the top of my head but this could be credited to the amount of hair loss advertisements they show in the middle of the night when I’m unable to fall asleep and have returned to the living room where I have fallen prey to the TV. 

I saved up for the eyelashes and got them again, they are a pretty penny (I purchased a year package).  I love them! The compliments on my eyes increased instantly. I naturally have blond eyelashes and eyebrows and would never leave the house without coloring them in.  The new lashes gave me the freedom to leave the house armed only with my lipstick (that is a whole other issue I have).  This eliminated the stares I got from people when they could not figure out what was different about my appearance when I wasn’t wearing makeup (an event that happens almost never when I’m outside of my apartment), I call it the Whoopi Goldberg issue. Staring at her until you figure out what is not normal with her face, she has no eyebrows.  This is something we shouldn’t do, but do.  I got really sick so I cancelled my lash fill appointment. Once I was better I couldn’t get an appointment for the Oscars were coming up and she was overbooked!  An issue only found in Los Angeles.  By the time I went to my appointment the extensions were all gone.  I dyed my own eyelashes black this made them better but not as good as the extensions.  I finally got my extensions back on…oh happy day!  My confidence rose! 

I was at the grocery store the other night when the Checker complimented me, “You have amazing eyelashes” “Thank you” “Are they real”? she asked.  Only in LA is this not offensive (ok, maybe New York or other big cities but this is not the norm for the rest of the country).  I replied, “No, they are extensions” she responded, “they look so real and I see fake lashes all of the time”.  We then had a full conversation about the type of lashes, where I get them done, etc.  The guy behind me just waited patiently knowing this was an important conversation to which I asked him if he was going to rush out to get his lash extensions.

Reflecting on this makes me laugh for several reasons.  This conversation is a “normal” event anytime I am asked or I volunteer that I have eyelash extensions.  Even Becky, Mandy’s Mom was enamored with my lashes and stated had she not known me for so long she would have never realized they were fake.  I also laugh about how something so minimal as eyelashes can have such a profound effect on how others see me and how I feel.  I will miss them when my year is up and hoping there is not a gap upon me get them again (I am manifesting the money for them).

I’m sure everybody has something they do or have that lifts them up in some sort of way.  What is yours? And what is your unique “normal”? 

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