Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Surgery for my psyche

There are things I can't stand about myself.  They aren't physical traits (I have those issues, but they seem to be a symptom of other things), but they influence everything in my life at times from how I feel physically to my relationships.  The traits I'm talking about are malignant tumors, and I am working on surgically removing them.

Self hatred serves no useful purpose.  It simply eats up my mental health, which in turn changes my body.  Unchecked anger kills relationships and poisons the blood.  That nasty little voice that tells me I'm not worthy, not good enough, and that I don't deserve a good life, well, it has got to go.

I am actively trying to change my thoughts.  Whenever I feel one of these malignancies taking over, I'm going to imagine a shiny scalpel cutting it away from my healthy thoughts. I'm going to sterilize that area, and I am going imagine a neat scar marking the place where I once had a thought that could have harmed me.  I'm going to sap these thoughts of their energy supply, and then I am going to cheer as they wither and die.

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