Saturday, March 23, 2013

More 5 year old wisdom

Friday, Aiden decided he needed to sit on my lap in the car.  Don't worry, we were safely parked with the engine turned off.  Squished behind the steering wheel, I read him a book ("Hop on Pop"), and he admired the clouds and the tops of the trees.  He was being silly, so I flipped down the sun visor and opened the mirror, so he could see his silliness.

What happened next was cute, but also very wise.  Aiden laughed at his funny face, and I showed him that our cheeks were the same shade of pink.  Then he said, "What else is the same?"  In the mirror, we saw the same shaped eyes, the same pink and white skin, and the same big smiles.  "Mommy, I wish you had your camera."  I reached for my cell phone and asked, "Why?"  His answer was sweet: "Picture us being happy!"

So I took a picture of us smiling and cuddled together.  How could I not?  Aiden in his five year old, here in the moment way, pointed out what I had missed: we were being happy.  It wasn't a big moment like a birth or a wedding, but it was a moment in which we simply were happy, and I never noticed.  Until the moment he said that, I had simply been waiting for Gavin to get out of school. I was looking backwards and forwards, and hadn't remembered to be there in that moment.

It's sometimes annoying to find my kids know things I don't, like how to reset the car alarm or find their favorite show on Netflix.  Of course, there also those times when I 'm so glad they saw what I couldn't and pointed it out to me.  Wisdom is present in each of us, but not in the same measure or for the same things. Learning from the wisdom of others shouldn't be left behind as we grow; teachers are everywhere and no matter how old or experienced we are, there is always something left to learn.

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  1. AstarteAlison MoonMarch 24, 2013 at 7:17 AM

    beautiful post, lovely to capture happy moments and remember them, blessings to you and Aiden xx

  2. Thank you!


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