Friday, March 15, 2013

Mercury Retrograde Strikes Again & Again

Another post from Heather.  Mercury retrograde has been particularly annoying for her. 

I am hoping that the effects you might be feeling from Mercury being in retrograde are minimal! Sticking true to its characteristic, my phone is one of the victims of Mercury Retrograde.

For two days the notifications were showing I had 3 voicemails on my phone and whenever I would call in, it would say I have no new messages.  Then the notification changed to saying I have 1 new voicemail (I’m wondering how long that will stay).

I texted numerous people on Friday and did not receive a single response.  I understand people are busy but for no one to text me back in this day: unheard of! Initially I thought my droid was acting up so I turned it on & off, NOTHING!  I then swapped out the battery…no texts…NOTHING AGAIN!  I was wise at this point and stopped stressing about a possible broken phone.  Saturday when I did not get my morning horoscope (it’s delivered at 10am everyday) I repeated the drill just to be safe.  I even had my son text me…NOTHING…I know that went through, at least on his end, his phone said so and I was sitting right next to him when it was sent. AUGH, what is a woman to do?!  I think we are all too connected to electronic devices these days (I no longer have a land line anymore, I’m a victim to this as well).  I asked the Fairies that live in my house to help me get rid of whatever blockage Mercury was causing.  I’d like to believe this helped because an hour later my phone started creating it’s own symphony.  I’m still experiencing delays sometimes but I can handle that…after all I’m prepared!  Although I’ve quit counting the number of times I have had to restart my phone due to freezing up and/or not cooperating.

My most random I think is my scale (it’s electronic).  I stepped on it and the number it showed was a pound higher than anticipated.  I always wanting to be extra sure stepped on it again only this time I was up 6 pounds.  6 pounds in two seconds, I think not!  I tried it again and still that dreaded number.  I moved the scale and it went down 6 pounds.  Still I was not happy but hey it was better than the 6 pounds it had just previously gained.  The following day I was down two pounds.  I was happier with that number so I  didn’t push my luck that time (regardless of whether it was wrong or not; ignorance is bliss in this case).

Becky, Mandy’s Mother, is visiting and she flew down to visit us, my Mom in particular.  Mandy & I tried to tell her to visit earlier or later. She didn’t head our warning. Her flight was delayed.  When this happened she said she was cursing us both and although she didn’t say it I’m sure she could hear the “I told you so’s” in her head.

I’m trying to pay attention to what else is going on in my life (hmmm…self reflection which was promised) and I am noticing my sleep is worse than normal (as if that is possible).  I am almost excited to see if this a reoccurring effect for me during Mercury Retrograde.  Mandy has noticed her migraines get worse and are lasting longer than normal…we are unwillingly our own science experiment the findings of this to follow after the next Mercury Retrograde!


I’m practicing following up my verbal communication with texts & emails to people to avoid as much missed communication as possible during this time.  I cannot even begin to go into the amount of times this has broken down or been misinterpreted. As much as I missed the texts on my phone the other day I embraced the break of not feeling like I had to answer every text I received as soon as possible, this allowed for a mental break.  I have an event on the 16th out of state.  To make sure I have enough time I’m leaving on the 15th.  Yes, I am being overly cautious but you never know what could happen on my way to Northern Nevada. I’m anticipating more hiccups while Mercury is in Retrograde but I’m being as proactive as I can be…I’m paying attention to the lessons Mercury feels it needs me to learn.  This way I can make room for different hiccups next time it visits for I will have conquered these!

I can’t be the only one…what effects have you felt?

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