Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mercury retrograde isn't bad, no really.

Heather and I like to pick on Mercury, especially when he's in retrograde.  He inconveniences us by dragging the past up and into the light, when ignoring those things would be way more convenient   He bollixes up communications, snarls transportation, and generally annoys us into creating change (See Heather's post on Friday for details).  He is also a powerful and humor filled presence who laughs with us and at us as needed. He destroys peace so that we don't get too lazy, and he invents new opportunities.

Mercury has also visited the kitchen here.  In his sometimes frustrating fashion, he has opened my eyes to some interesting, and not new possibilities. I blame him for showing the recipes for things like pudding that I'd never seen made from scratch, and that isn't as hard as I expected.  He's reminded me that canning my own tomatoes is not really that big of a pain in the butt when compared to better meals.  Mercury pointed out that making dusting powder is less messy than mixing glitter.  He keeps nudging me towards the coffee, not to drink, but to put on my face.  He inspires me to look for recipes and ideas that make the chaos of my life both functional and fun.  He has re-purposed things around the house, and reminded me to take the bags of old toddler clothes to the recycling center.  In his wake, he leaves some messes, but never more than we can handle. He refuses to let us wallow, and he has a sense of humor.

As much as I like to complain about Mercury retrograde, it is also a time of creation.  He takes the blame I heap on him and repackages; then he hands it back to me with a smile. He is never dull, never destructive without purpose, and he makes certain we don't ignore what we need to deal with. He messes with our words so that we learn to communicate clearly and he delays travelers to show them the world.  So, with fondness, and not a little exasperation, I am saying good bye to my tricky friend. I know he will be back again soon, and up to old tricks in no time.

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