Thursday, March 28, 2013

Loving decay

Both of my boys have brought home the "I Stink!" book from school.  It's disgusting, and makes me gag while trying to read it to them.  It's about a garbage truck, and it's recipe for Alphabet soup will make you cringe.  it's also got a very good point that most of us don't appreciate enough.  Decay is a good thing!

Without the creatures and microorganisms that feed off the dead, we'd be buried under a pile of nasty dead stuff that never went away (okay, we wouldn't likely notice if it had always been that way, but think about it for a second- every dead relative that died, every broken object, every leaf that fell would still be here from the beginning of the earth's history).  As repugnant as many people find vultures, crows, fungus, and maggots, they provide us with a valuable service that allows death to be turned into new life.

Next time you encounter one of these death eating life forms, take a moment to appreciate it, to bless it. Decay is a necessary and fascinating part of the natural world that is little appreciated.

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