Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dream Wildly

We all have dreams that we feel are so wild that they are un-achievable, but when we share those dreams, we often see that possibilities are limitless.  For me, my wild dream is to open an interfaith spiritual center in my area.  I'd like to plant a circle or birch trees for rituals and weddings.  Have a hedge labyrinth for meditation, and a garden in which people could harvest healing and magical herbs.  It's a big dream, but one day, I hope to find a way to make this one a reality.

In honor of big, wild dreams, I'm giving away this "Dream Wildly" plaque I made.  It's 9" x 9", and includes acrylic paint, glittery stickers, and a beautiful Hubble image of a stellar nursery.

This is another Rafflecopter giveaway, so use the widget below to enter. The drawing will be April 10.  Good luck!


  1. This is a beautiful plaque! I envy those who are crafty. I have many ideas, however the results are not often visually pleasing. LOL You did some lovely work.

  2. Thank you, Rachel! Good luck.


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