Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy, busy and getting busier

March has been stunning in it's intensity.  So many things have been happening and so many ideas have swirled around.  It's hard to catch my breath, as lots of things are still swirling.  One one face of the coin, this is exhausting, but the other side is a sort of exhilaration- change is happening.

I am now the president-elect for our school's PTA, and with that comes the leadership of a diverse school community.  I have the opportunity to make change.  Don't get me wrong, I'm scared, really scared, but I'm excited, too. I have never put myself this far out into public life, but if I hide behind my computer screen as the only way I interact with the larger world, I am limiting myself to possibilities.  You know that Queen of Cups card I wrote about in February, I've got to be her now.

In addition to my new found publicity, my husband has made a few public appearance himself.  A couple of weeks ago, he presented a "tech session" to a group of car enthusiasts.  I'd say it was successful as they ran out of chairs.  This not only is educational, it's a good way fro him to really get to know some of his clients.  It's also not a comfortable task for someone as quiet as my husband.  He's also getting involved in stopping a local church from building a 70 foot tall cellphone tower in the neighborhood where our kids go to school.  This is the first time he has personally and directly got involved in a community affair.  I usually drag him along with me, this time, he's taking the lead, and I'm following.

We also looked at a home to buy yesterday (we won't buy that one as it has some structural damage that wasn't listed on the MLS), and we're getting ready to reorganize the kitchen.  The kids' room is relatively clean, the car tidied up, and things have been crossed off the task list.

Strange that sometimes, the best growth for us as people happens in the whilst times of chaos.  For us, it is a relief to no longer be stagnating.  In this chaos, we have opportunities to make order, the sort we want, and we are embracing that power wholeheartedly.  I hope your spring is looking up and that you see growth happening.

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