Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another weird dream

I woke up last night baffled by my dream. In it, the chairs had stopped functioning. People were toppling of chairs everywhere I looked. The guy sitting in lawn chair on a boat feel into the water. A woman on hill rolled down. At libraries and cafes, people were falling everything they tried to park their butts on a chair.

I'm not certain what I should get from this dream, and I'm not really certain I care to know. The weirdest part was waking from the dream anxious and jumpy. I couldn't go back to sleep and it was too early to get up. I tried emptying my head, writing down those random To Do items that pop up at 3:38a.m., but it was no use.

I'm off for a nap.  Hopefully chairs will not be part of my dreams this time.

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