Monday, February 18, 2013

Witch baiting & Fox News

I avoided most of the internet this weekend. Between feeling yucky Friday and Saturday and a super busy Sunday, I had no free time to peruse. All I seemed to have missed is Fox News pissing off Wiccans. To some people this is big news. Me, I'm yawning. Big deal. Fox is known for their inaccuracy, bigotry and sensationalism to any group of people who is not old, rich, ignorant, white men. This isn't news, it's an M.O.

Rather than getting mad and screaming over the internet, I suggest we carry on and not invest time out energy in bolstering the stupidity of Fox News and their views. It won't get us anywhere and will probably drive us insane. You can't change anyone's mind if they aren't willing to let you. Spreading vitriol is what some people do to make themselves feel superior, and they only feel that way if they know they've hurt you.

The best revenge against this level of  ignorance and hate is to simply stop playing the game. Don't watch, don't comment, don't spread the hate. Band together with other groups that have been maligned to make tolerance, peace and understanding a common goal.  Starve them of the strife that they use as oxygen. Starve them of cash by boycotting their sponsors. Starve them of an audience by educating, advocating and participating in your community, but stop letting them win by being offended, because that is exactly what they want you to do. 

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