Friday, February 1, 2013


Spring has arrived here in California. Yes are in bud, and blossoms will be appearing late next week. Crocus and iris are pushing up through the detritus of winter, and birds are making their nests. Soon the thistles and violets will be here.  Color has returned. The air is full of spring sounds from birds and insects to garden and home improvement equipment.

With Imbolc coming on Saturday (it will be a rare treat to celebrate a holiday on Saturday), I'm feeling pretty Springy. The gorgeous green hummingbird that just skimmed by me made me pretty happy, too. It's also s time to think about the seeds we want to plant, not just in our gardens, but in our lives.

As I look at my life, I tend to look for things I don't have, but I often forget that sometimes planting seeds is also about continuing to nurture those seeds that were planted in the past, do that they may boom again.
What seeds will you plant this spring? Which ones will bloom best together as companions? Do you need health, prosperity, happiness, inspiration, love? Once you determine what you need, then you can go about drawing up a plan to bring those to harvest. Happy Imbolc!

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