Sunday, February 24, 2013

Paganizing Christian thought

The other day, I saw a first draft of Pagan rewrite of a Christian prayer (not the first time I've seen the phenomenon, just it never occurred to me to think about it before), and I had a thought.  It may be blasphemous to some Pagans, but I'm going throw it out there.  Is it alright to Paganize other religions' sacred stories, poetry, prayer, and music?

Isn't that doing exactly what many Pagans have accused Christians of doing for a while?Does it matter if it doesn't infringe on copyright laws?  Is there a grey area?

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  1. I've wondered about this too. I'll be curious to see how folks view this concept. I think (so far) that putting Pagan words to Christian passages (which, I don't think ?? are copyrighted) lends a bit of recognition for those of us who grew up with those verses ingrained in our minds - until we found a greater truth in any Pagan path. Personally, I think that no matter why we pray or bless...or who we pray to, it is essentially the same thing. I'm not really hung up on "where stuff originated or who stole what", but rather try and look to the "present" and "future" for ways we can ALL coexist peacefully. :)


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