Monday, February 4, 2013

Feverish February

February, at least for the last ten years has been a relatively insane month. I, however, can't get that through my head. I zip through January, longing for the quiet of the post- Imbolc month, and find myself hip deep in craziness. The shock and awe that I experience each year is pretty ridiculous.

This month, I've got science fair projects to help the kids with, meetings to attend (did I mention that I got myself volunteered on the PTA nominating committee?), taxes to do, projects to finish, and the prep work for a while slew of spring events. Oh yeah, and Gavin's birthday is in a couple weeks, and my mom is going to be visiting soon.

I feel betrayed by memory every February. I end January sighing with relief, only to find that February is twice as nutty. I have no-one to blame but myself, and each year, I vow to stay next February with a bit more organization and a better expectation of what can and can't get done. There is nothing like making yourself s promise you won't keep to make yourself feel silly. Oh well, hope springs eternal that I will be a more organized person.

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