Monday, February 11, 2013

Fear and helplessness

Today I was doing my normal grocery shopping when I ran into a another PTA board member. It turned into  a conversation that had one of those big life lessons in it.  We discussed the need for a president for next year's PTA.  She explained why she couldn't take on the job, but thought I should.  I have been considering the job, mostly because no one else is ready to step up.  I'm afraid, but I'm equally afraid of not stepping up.

I had one of moments when a thought that seems so true popped into my head.  What if the only things that hold us back in life are our illusions of being afraid and helpless.  I am hesitating to accept the PTA president position because I am afraid that I am not capable and I feel like I don't have enough influence.  I seem to be the only one who thinks this way.

What if we are all thinking these thoughts about most opportunities to change the world, to change ourselves?  Maybe the biggest lesson of our lives is to realize that we are braver than we imagine and capable of rising to challenges by sheer willingness to learn and try new things.

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