Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dark eyed junco

Since Colin and I cleaned our tiny backyard the a couple of weekends ago, I have been spending time out there enjoying my flowers and the sunshine (note to self: a chair would be great out there because the edge of the planter is really hard on my butt).  So have some cute little birds.  

In the afternoon, when the sun has warmed everything up and the air is fairly still, a small, plump bird with a black head and soft brown body comes to catch his dinner in my pots. He's called a dark eyed junco, and his species is pretty common around here. He hops from planter to planter nibbling as he goes. I'm not sure if he's eating bugs or seeds, but he's pretty content.  He's also utterly unafraid of me.  

The yellow and orange breasted house finches are less brave. The crows don't bother my backyard because they can't easily escape it once they land.  The bluebirds are sneaky and wait until I close the door before they come pilfer from my pots, but the dark eye's junco simply flies down and sits right next to me before he sees something tasty in among the plants.

I guess my point is that if you make space for the nature in your life, nature will make itself welcome in unexpected ways.  

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