Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bending towards the light

A couple of weeks ago, I started some Black Krim tomato seeds in little coir pots on the kitchen table.  After a near fatal accident, they are now three inches tall, and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. This is the first time I have successfully started tomatoes from seed.

These little cuties have been brightening my days.  They are thriving, growing new leaves and now, they are tall enough to bend to reach out to the light. It turn the plate these little pots rest on every day or so to help the plants grow straight, but no matter which direction I turn them, they turn towards the sun.

For the tomatoes, turning towards the sun is a matter of survival, but for us, turning towards the light is not only a choice, but a habit that could be cultivated to make happier lives.  Unlike plants, it isn't instinct to us to turn to a healthier direction, but we can choose to avoid withering away in the shadows, starved of light.  We can embrace our time in the shade as respite from too much light, but we have to acknowledge that the light, ultimately is where we draw our strength and energy from.

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