Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snail's pace

I am lazily starting off the new year.  The first rolled around and I was out of place at my in-laws, so Heather (who was also not where she wanted to be on the first) and I decide that our new year would start on the second.  It was good a plan, so rather than taking the negativity of New Year's Eve with us on our journey through 2013, we simply chalked them up to "roll over minutes from 2012".  

This year promises to be full of new experiences for me.  My husband is leaving his job at the dealership he has been employed at for 10 years to work with a friend who shares his values and passion.  It also means that he is starting a new business in partnership with this friend, something we never thought we'd be doing.  I am helping them out by redecorating the office, revamping and designing their webpages, managing their social media, and generally providing support services.  Drawing on my family's business background and my functional knowledge of exotic cars, I'm helping to craft a new image for them.  It's exciting, exhausting, and a little strange to be here, but standing still, waiting for a better opportunity wasn't an option.  We've had to make our own new reality.

Until next week, when the kids return to school, I'll likely be resting up for my new adventure.  I'm finding my focus, not only in terms of the new business venture, but also for this blog and other projects I've been working on.  Don't worry, I will be back soon with new life lessons, some observations, and likely, a few new silly stories.  

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