Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Satellite archaeology

National Geographic had a one page segment on how satellite imagery is being used to locate archaeological sites that can't be spotted from the ground. Remote viewing isn't a new concept to the discipline, but satellites make it easier because they view the world from distances airplanes can't reach. Their perspective is literally out of this world.

Satellite archaeology uses perspective, triangulation, and pattern recognition to see below the earth surface. It also eliminates scale as a factor for finding things.  Think of it as a tool that allows humans to find the forest because of the trees.

Of course, I have a point in explaining this to you.  If we are clever enough and creative enough, we can use our weaknesses, those limitations of perspective, to rise above our current situation and look at the world from a better perspective.  We can use subtle clues, strong observational skills, and employ all of the vast assortment of tools available to us to uncover truths we couldn't previously see.  It's our choice to make.

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