Monday, January 7, 2013

Planting poppies- dreams as magic

On New Year's morning, I dream of planting poppies. ti was one of those beautiful, vivid dreams that make you never want to wake up.  In pretty ceramic pots, I planted pale, sheer yellow Icelandic poppies on a white, white wooden balcony. The sunlight glowed warm and bright, and I wanted to stay.

Here, in California, the roadsides and meadows will soon be carpeted with bright orange California poppies for a couple of weeks.  Their presence announces the true beginning of spring here, followed shortly by the purple thistles and violet vetch. I don't plant these in my little potted garden, as they vastly prefer the wild.  I don, often, plant sherberty Icelandic poppies, usually in shades of coral and peach.  They cheerfully wave a me from their fuzzy stems early each spring and then late in the fall.  This year, at the prompting of my dream, I planted sunny yellow poppies among my English Daisies and Johnny-jump-ups.

On the whole, poppies often symbolize sleep, but as I was dreaming, I doubt that was what I was meant to understand about their presence in my dream.  Yellow poppies, in particular, represent wealth and success. I am hoping that my dream was reminding me that this new adventure my husband and I are embarking on will bring both.  Whatever the meaning of the dream, I hope to recapture some of the warmth and serenity of that dream.  So, I sit here, waiting for my poppies to open up and opening my heart to a some warmth and hope for a successful new venture.

Dream interpretation is a common witchcraft.  While some will argue that all symbols are universal, I think we each need to interpret certain symbols for ourselves.  Plant delicate  fuzzy poppies may be symbolic of planting abundance for me, but for someone else, especially someone who doesn't like poppies, that same action might be something else entirely.  Taking cues from our dreams can be powerful magic, because it is the most personal and most direct.  So, if you are dreaming something simple, like planting flowers, look inside yourself and decide if that action is symbolic for something else in your life that you want.  For example, planting violets might be to draw healing. Pruning a bush, might indicate that you should do some pruning in your own life. Weeding might indicate that it's time to get rid of some unhealthy, energy sapping relationships.  Mending clothes might indicate that the time has come to repair something that's been broken. Sweeping could be your subconscious telling you clean house, literally or symbolically. Of course, all of these are just my interpretations, you have to search for meaning yourself, but when you find that meaning, it will ring with a beautiful clarity that speaks to you alone. Sweet dreams!

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