Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I woke up Tuesday to an unexpected morning.  Aiden got ready without prodding.  Colin was cheerful and I was organized.  This gave me some time to read a couple of blog posts.  The most thought provoking one was written by Damh the Bard and it covered the subject of offerings.

Many Pagans leave offerings of one sort or another and they can have varying impacts on the environment.  Fruit, milk, honey, bread, and hair all decompose and incorporate into  the soil, but the containers they are left in linger on.  Plastics, candles, bottles, and coated papers however don't readily rot and they become litter, in my opinion.

For my practice, I leave offering a few days and then clean up whatever is left.  If it's floweres, leaves, milk, bread or any other substance that will decompose, it gets mixed into the soil or composted.  Everything else is picked up, washed, and discarded as appropriate.  Offerings lose their magical virtue after a short time, and litter in my garden, no matter how tiny my garden is at the moment, isn't inviting and ccertainly doesn't honor the gods, spirits or faeries.

So, think before you leave things behind in nature.  Remember that any space where many people gather, especially to honor their gods, will quickly become a trash heap if we don't exercise common sense and take some responsibility.  I hope you also go visit Damh the Bard's blog post and read his recommendations too.

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