Sunday, January 13, 2013

Minions- a cautionary tale

For Winter Solstice, I bought my husband "Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius".  I thought getting him a a book about how to make new, weird stuff would not only cheer him up, but be funny.  I think this may have been a tactical error.

He immediately ordered some sort of circuit recommended in the book, which has since disappeared.  He's also sits in bed and giggles at stuff he reads; he giggles in that "Oh, this is going to be so evil" way, not the "That's funny" way.  He's also taken to referring to the children as minions.

Now, I'm concerned that he will deprogram my minions, and I think he might take over the household role of most evil individual.  His evil projects will also involve gadgets, which is way cooler than evil projects involving dinner or laundry.  The life lesson here: Don't ever buy your significant other anything that may steal your minions or depose you from your throne.


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