Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm thinking about being very, very bad

So, the saga of the car dealership continues today with this text: "I always said I didn't hate John G but it's getting hard".  My poor husband  who has always been the most forgiving and non-hateful person I know, hates this guy.  That is quite a feat, and not really one to applaud.  So bad is this guy's attitude that my husband is thinking about leaving tomorrow with cars unfinished (if he does, he'll leave a note of apology for the  customers who are getting burned by something that they didn't do).

Me, I'm pissed enough that I'm contemplating doing something mean.  Really, really mean, but not really magical, just psychologically damaging.  I want to send a box of cookies, something yucky like vegan oatmeal cookies with carob chips, with a note that reads "I hope you choke on both these and your future endeavors." On the note, I want to leave a cheerful smiley face (Heather's suggestion- see why my husband worries when we get together?).

I know this is not professional of me. It's not nice, and it's inviting some negativity, but darn it, I want the guy to stay up at night worrying the way he has caused my husband and I to. He's caused pain, and I want to know that he is not happily sitting back thinking he wan't part of burning something successful to the ground.  More than anything, I want to help my husband be wildly successful and sit back and laugh at the looks on the faces of the people who were too stupid, cruel and incompetent to listen to the voice of experience.

I want the guy to hear, through the grapevine, that I wish him failure.  I also hope the informer lets slip that I have some witchy tendencies, because my gut feeling is this guy is so insecure, so stupid and so paranoid that he would buy it.  I am, however, a grown up, who knows that this is not the right path and who also knows that this is inviting some very bad karma.  So, I am faced with a decision: do I give in to my anger and get a little temporary satisfaction, or do I take the high road and swallow down this temporary discomfort and move on?   Then again, maybe I should raise my glass to him and wish him exactly what he deserves (while leaving out my exact opinion of what that is).  Some days, maturity is way overrated. 


  1. I now always take the high road. First, I don't want to deal with the Karma. I figure that we are not the Karma Police, so we will also get return on our personal return to the "bad guy." Secondly, I don't like to give too much attention to these kinds of people. They like it too much, and I don't like to waste my energy, or create more bad energy. Finally, since Karma is a law, I know that all will be taken care of. I now do this- but in the past I was angrier and - have paid for it , because, yes, Karma is a bitch.

  2. I am taking the high road, for the moment. That could change, but I do understand how Karma often comes back and bites us in the behind. I just hate seeing people being bullied.


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