Friday, January 25, 2013

Faery guides

I have been trying to meditate more and to travel the Otherworlds.  Sometimes this is effortless, and other times, it is incredibly difficult.  I use guided meditations when I am easily distracted because the direction prevents me from dwelling here in the mundane.  I used Wendy Froud's "Froud Meditations (The Wise Ones)" track most recently, which is available on both iTunes and Amazon should you want to try it yourself.

I find faeries to be very valuable spiritual guides.  They don't see things the way we do and they don't like to maintain established orders, which is helpful in breaking out of past behaviors.  They constantly question why we do what we do.  They don't accept the answers most people will accept and they are completely ambivalent about methods- whatever works is fine by them.  Obviously, they are not the best guides for every spiritual journey, but i like working with them.

Most recently, I worked with a death faery.  This is one of those beings who understands the necessity of death.  They, like all beings, have their place and their duties no matter how distasteful those may seem to us, are vital. I was counselled to examine the gifts I receive in my life that originate in death.  This faery was patient and very matter of fact about how all things must end and decompose so that the chain of life continues.  She left me with a task- to honor the death in my life- and to embrace endings.  The experience was vivid, profound and meaningful.

If you want to work with faeries as spiritual guides, simply ask them for help and then lsiten for their wisdom, which doesn't usually resemble ours.  Don't expect easy answers or completely rational explanations, because faeries are not human, were not human, and will never be human.  They don't see things through our limited scope and they love the minuscule as much as the infinite. If you open your mind and your heart to them, you may be occasionally frustrated by their methods, but you will find willing and wise teachers who put things into perspective without coddling your insecurities and wishes.

One death related note- here is a really fascinating article from NPR on death in nature.

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