Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Waiting for faeries

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I made a gift for a young friend last spring while she was ill. It was a papier mache box made up like a story book diorama.  In it, I left a letter reminding her that she has all the magic she needs inside her and telling her to watch for faeries, a few pictures of magical places and a key to her imagination, and the gift was complete.  I haven't thought much about it since, but she does.

Her mom was telling me on Saturday that she wants to know when she'll see a faery.  I'm thrilled with her question, because it's a great one that many believers ask.  Faeries, in my experience  don't like to show themselves fully without a reason.  I've been seeing them since childhood, and occasionally, I'll catch a glimpse of them. They prefer to wink in and out of our sight, forcing us to question what is and is not real.  Blink and you might miss them.  Those shadows that flit around the edge of your vision, that's often them.    Laughter that you feel more than hear, that's definitely them.

When will you see a faery?  I can't answer that, but I can tell you that there is a good chance that you already have and dismissed what you saw as an aberration   Until you learn to see the betweens of life, you won't see them fully until they want you to.  That doesn't mean you aren't special, or that you have escaped their notice- it means they have something more to teach you before you can see.

Once When You Were Walking 
by Annette Wynne

Once when you were walking across the meadow grass,

A little fairy touched you- but you never saw her pass.

One day when you were sitting upon a mossy stone,

A fairy sat beside  you, but you thought you were alone.

So no matter what you do, no matter where you go,

A fairy may be near you- but you may never know. 

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