Monday, November 12, 2012

Tarot cards, oracles and message we don't want to hear

I have at least a dozen tarot decks, oracle sets, and other divination tools.  I don't consult them often, but I used to.  The problem I have with all of these is that no matter how good the information coming from them is, if nobody wants to hear the answer, they won't work. You know that old saying about leading the horse to water?  That's exactly the point.

None of us wants to hear that we won't get what we want.  Some people, I won't name names, are really good at not hearing anything that doesn't fit what they want to hear.  No matter what the message is, if you don't want to hear it, you won't.  About nine years ago, I went through this when every time I asked the tarot cards what patterns I would see in my life the answer was hard work, chaos, frustration, and upheaval.  So I ignored them.  Turns out, they were spot on.  It was period of learning to be a mother, of my husband settling into a new aspect of his career, of moving, of family troubles, and me going back to school.  I couldn't appreciate the message because I refused to acknowledge that it could be true.  I struggled needlessly against a message I needed to understand and accept.

If you rely on some form of divination to guide you through your life you should be careful to step back and question your interpretation of the signs, but more importantly, you must be honest with yourself about why you ask the questions you ask and if you are ready for an honest answer. Trust me when I say it's a bit uncomfortable to read your reaction to "a bad reading" that "couldn't possibly be true" and realize you were warned about all of the obstacles that ended up in your path.

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