Monday, November 26, 2012

Missing tickets

Sunday my husband was getting ready to take the boys to the car show in San Francisco. As per usual, we had complimentary tickets from the dealership he works at. I had set them aside earlier in the week, but we couldn't find them. Heather,  Colin,  and I were looking everywhere for them.

They turned up in plain sight, in a place we all had looked. They even seemed shinier than they should have been. The faeries have struck again. After driving ourselves crazy looking for those tickets,  we had to laugh.  It happens all the time to us.

Being pixie-led, as its sometimes called,  is frustrating,  but it also often has purpose.  You might be shown a reflection of your own behavior,  or brought to place you couldn't have found on your own. There are lots of reasons people find themselves at the mercy of the Fair Folk.  All of them end with us seeing something new after a proud of frustration and befuddlement.
If your stuff disappears and then reappears in place you looked or worse in places you would never put them,  psay attention.  You are being given a lesson to learn.

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