Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election results and realizations

The elections are over for this year, and I am breathing a little easier. The results weren't exactly what I'd hoped for, but they will provide a good foundation to build off of. For me, the realization that several virulently anti-women candidates were defeated was just as important as who won the presidency. I saw the election results as affirming that hatred is not a good political platform, but a few people I know are spewing hatred and anger over the loss of their candidates.

I had recently, via social media, reconnected with several people who I had allowed to drift out of my life. I thought I'd give forgiveness a try and see if these people had changed over the years. This election cycle has proven to me that some relationships should stay in the past. I have no tolerance for people who spread racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination, and I shouldn't have to,especially when they tell me that their prejudice is to protect me from Hell or from myself.

This morning, as I followed up on the results of local ballot initiatives, and read the analyses of the election, I also cut the ties between myself and these hateful people who believe it is their right to rule the world, even when the majority has decided differently. I'm not going to let them insult my intelligence and my beliefs while professing to love me so long as I go along with their views. Rather than fighting, I am simply walking away and living my life as I see fit. Hatred should not be given ground to stand on or energy to sustain it.


  1. It seems it's always hardest when those people are your own family or close friends. I've had to cut so much of mine off for their bigotry and outright racism, sexism, and other issues. How can my relatives say they love me if they'd also deny me lifesaving medical treatment? How can someone love me and also say that I deserve less pay for the same work as a man? Sometimes, it's easier, and more productive, in the long run to just walk away.

    If there's one thing I've learned in this life, it's this:
    You cannot choose blood relatives.
    You can choose your family. Your family members are the people who genuinely love and support you, and you choose those, regardless of legal or genetic ties.
    Sometimes good people get led astray, and they can turn to reason again. Others, there is no hope. Learn the difference, and don't waste your time and effort on those who want to continue oppressing others.

  2. I feel your pain Lena. I'm simply tired of allowing cruelty as a political platform.


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