Thursday, November 29, 2012

Drama and the eclipse

Yesterday, my world shook.  Normally, we laugh out off because this is earthquake territory, and the shaking is literal. Earthquake rattle nerves, but end after a few seconds. Last night's drama has been building for six weeks, which exactly coincides with a new service manager being hired. The effects of yesterday's events will linger for years.

This new guy has been messing with things he hasn't had time to learn about, and he ordered my husband a functional demotion and pay cut while saying that it's neither. So my husband spent last night preparing for battle. Facts were checked, allies gathered, battle plans made, and a battleground chosen.

Whatever happens, there will be no turning back. This will likely change everything. After nearly ten years, he may wall out the door of an old and prestigious exotic car dealership to work at an independent shop for more money, no benefits, and an unknown future.

For my part, I am torn between wanting to support him in whatever he decides to do and screaming at him for not doing something about the situation earlier. We have been here before, with him abruptly changing plans going me to go along with them all or leaving. I hate feeling all my choices are not good, and I am scared. I am told that last night's eclipse is going to bring great change in its wake. I can only hope is positive change.

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