Monday, November 19, 2012

A thought after watching a really bad movie

My husband likes bad movies.  Last night I was tortured with Ice Age 2012.  The acting was terrible, the plot was unbelievable  the CGI effects looked like something you would see a kid draw on your tablet, and the science was so implausible that I think I actually lost IQ points from being in the same room.  My husband, who admitted that it was terrible, couldn't stop watching (which leads me to think that maybe he needs professional help in breaking his addiction).

Being cranky and passive/aggressive last night, I kept a running commentary of the film on my Facebook page.  It gave me something to do while my newly painted piggies dried.  While I was being my snarky little self, I had a thought, a scary one:  If we don't get a better education system in this country, there is a chance that all of our entertainment will devolve into the same faux scientific, poorly written, poorly acted state as this film.

Entertain has come to rely on some of the best and brightest minds in computer science making new technological advances.  Poorly written books mean poorly written movie scripts, and if nobody has any understanding of how the natural world works, how will we have entertainment that echoes reality?  Satire and analogies will be pointless if nobody can understand them.

Okay, I'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill, but think, just for a second, about how dumbed down things could become.  It's a little scary.  Sci Fi will become pure fantasy. Fantasy worlds could lose their realism, and symbolism would have to be shallow and obvious to be understood.  (Can you imagine a world where Twilight is high literature?)  So support education and prevent bad movies, or suffer the consequences.

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