Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vampires in my dreams

I dreamed of vampires Wednesday morning.  I was trying to hide from them, but everywhere I went, they could find me.  My heart was pounding, and I could barely breathe.  Then my husband's annoying alarm went off.  I'm not really scared of vampires; I also don't find them particularly seductive or magnetic.

I used to dream about vampires often.  Going back through old journals from high school, they made regular appearances in my head.  I used to chalk it up to the prevalence of vampire literature and movies in the late 90's (Remember "Interview with a Vampire"?  I had a friend who was obsessed.). It was later that I was introduced to the term "psychic vampire" and once I understood the concept, I could look back understand those dreams.  I was feeding those vampires, and it was time to stop.  That coincided with the end of an era; I went to college, got married, and moved away from home all in the space of 18 months.  Changes made, I stopped dreaming about vampires.  I had stopped feeding them.

I'm now trying to figure out who is feeding off my energy now.  Nobody comes to mind, and most of the people who were draining me a couple of years ago are now out of the picture.  There are things that weigh me down and sap my energy, but most of them are not things I can completely avoid.  Facebook has been a sobering and frightening look into the minds of some of my friends and family, but at the same time, it's how I keep in touch with some people that live far away.  I try to limit my time there, because it has some serious negativity associated with it.  The upcoming election makes my stomach churn, but my ballot should be in the mail in the next week, and I still need to make decisions about a couple of issues.  My kids are driving me crazy, but there's no getting away from them.  I'm not sure any of these things qualify as vampires. They are all rather ordinary parts of my life.

I'm wondering if vampires are standing as a symbol for something else.  Maybe ideas that don't die?  I don't know, but I hope that I don't have to dream about them anymore.  They're creepy, especially little kid vampires.


  1. Maybe this time the vampires are just ongoing worries about your kids and their school and the election rather than about specific people?

    But the emotional/psychic vampire is a real phenomenon. I once had a dream about an emotional vampire: every time it drained someone, it didn't get stronger but weaker, so it had to keep attacking people. So emotional vampires are really the weak ones, not the people they attack.

    1. That is a very interesting idea, Butterfly. I will have to toy with it some more. Thanks for sharing your idea.

    2. I'm with Butterfly, here. It sounds like the child vampires are ongoing worries about the kids and things like how much time you put into stressful kid-related things like PTA meetings. It isn't a *bad* thing that you put your energy towards your kids, and they aren't bad people for needing your attention and energy; that's just the nature of the parent-child relationship.

      But it may be that your subconscious is letting you know that you're getting off-balance, and you need more time for you and less time on kid-centred activities. Even if just a little!


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