Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The spell book

I have been trying to create a personal spell book, and it's gone from being a fun project to an exercise in patience.  I have bitten off a mouthful, and I'm trying to figure out how to chew it.  I have been promising (threatening?) friends and family that I would write a spell book.  Originally, I thought to make a few cute, scrap book style albums personalized to each person; now, I have found that first, I have to create my own.  This means re-reading books, researching ingredients, making decisions about inclusion and exclusion, organizing, finding old notes, thinking about past, present and future needs, and typing or writing it all up.  These have been bigger chores than expected, and at times, I feel so overwhelmed that I could cry.

It hasn't been all bad, though.  I've laid out and prepped the physical pages that all the information will eventually be attached to.  So far, there are around forty.  A couple of pages are complete, and the feeling of accomplishment has been wonderful.  This activity has also been a way to reflect on what I know, the role intuition plays in my own spell work, and a challenge to my creativity. Each page is unique, and I'm trying to make them all visual appealing.

This project is also a lesson in doing things one baby step at a time.   I am putting individual pages together at a time.  Three are complete so far. Months ago, I put together color correspondence cards as a pretty cheat sheet for quick spell work. I found them in box of paperwork that was packed up last winter before we moved. Now, they are in a gleaming white glitter pocket on a page in the book. On a card of each color, there is a list of key words that I commonly associate with that color, and the back has been left blank to leave me space to grow. I also used a butterfly shaped punch to cut out one butterfly from each color. The butterflies decorate the cover page. I wrote a couple pages about the importance of lunar energies, created correspondence tables and formed a mini book for another page. It's all mounted to some pretty moon print card stock  Then, I did a similar page about solar energies in golds and ivories.

There is still far to go, and I'm trying to do a little bit of work at a time.  In the future, I'd like to do a whole section on divination- tarot, runes, animal omens, and scrying, some magical recipes (Trish Telesco's A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook was very important to my understanding of the different ways in which magic could be used), a plant guide, and section on chants and music.  Of course, there are the requisite love spells, prosperity rituals and warnings about the ethics and limits of magic that will be included, but I am more interested in making a book that I can use instead of searching through dozens of other books or blogs.

Patience, creativity and perseverance are all being tested as I try to organize the things I know about witchcraft into my own spell book.  Some days, I get an idea and can work feverishly to put words to paper. Other days, I look at the half fleshed carcass of this book and wonder why I started this project.  My cousin wants me to reproduce this when I'm done (she wants a copy, but doesn't want to take the time or energy to put it together), but I'm uncertain that I should.  In some ways, this is all very personal, and in other ways, I think I should share it.  What do you think?


  1. Sounds wicked awesome :) Someday I will gather and index a electronic one, I swear, maybe when my little one's in college, lol

    1. Can you imagine how many more spells you'll have by the time the kid's in college? I can't wait that long, the magic will take over and it won't be pretty. LOL!


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