Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The second rain

The first rain of the wet season happened in the wee hours of Monday morning. I find the first rain of the season to be a little unmagical. The roads become slick and hazardous as all the tiny drops of oil on the roadways combine with water; drivers forget each year that rainy weather driving means slowing down, leaving space and turning on the headlights. The storm drains become clogged with leaves and garbage; the waterways appear foamy and muddy, and nobody is prepared for staying dry. People are worrying about their roofs and leaking trunks and damaged shoes, and generally everything runs behind schedule.

The second rain is one I can appreciate and enjoy. People relax a bit, after the stress and anxiety of the first rain. They drive a bit more carefully, plan ahead for other wet days, and stop griping about the damp. The waterways are washed clear of debris, and the channels fill with water. The pollen is rinsed from the air, and the colorful sea of umbrellas take over the sidewalks. Today, I can just listen to the souns of rain falling outside my patio door. The air is clean, and the night is beautiful.

My apologies for multiple posts some days.  Blogger is a little buggy lately with scheduled posts.  If you see a post on your feed and then it disappears, that's me catching it and rescheduling.  Sorry.


  1. I love it when I can smell the rain coming. It's usually a 'first' rain but as soon as it's on the wind I love that 'dusty concrete, leaves flying, dirty/clean air' thing that lets me know it's going to rain on me.

    1. Around here, unlike the desert, you can't really smell rain coming. Too much fog and moisture on regular basis, but I remember that smell from growing up in Nevada. Thanks for the comment and welcome!


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