Monday, October 8, 2012


I love fairy tales. I love their re-tellings and re-inventions even more. Last night, my family watched "The Avengers", and as is typical of my life, I had some new thoughts to think. To me, superheroes are the fairy tale heroes of our generation. These larger than life reflections of us are as didactic and moralistic as the tales the Grimm brothers collected.

Take the Hulk, he is illustrates the true power of the angry person inside us. Pushed too far, he is a destructive force that cannot be contained. Captain America (Christian moralizing and political associations aside), illustrates that those who understand oppression make better protectors than those who have never known what it means to be bullied. Thor, who began the films never doubting his divinity, has to lose everything before he can truly understand what it means to lead others. From the X-Men, our society's general xenophobia is exposed and questioned.  Loss, anger, revenge and redemption are common themes that superheroes explore, and they remind us that there is weakness is being "strong" and that bravest thing we can do is learn to accept ourselves and apply that acceptance to helping others. None of these are new concepts, but they are ones that haunt nearly all the stories of the world.

Movies are oft accused of emptiness, but if we look, I think every film is a reflection of our world.  That reflection may appear distorted or illogical, but it our lack of perspective that causes this.  Next time you watch a super hero film, remember that one day, these stories may be what fairy tales are to us.

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